This Website provides details behind my summary resumé , with special emphasis on my work as a
Stage Director. My intention is to give Theatre Producers and Artistic Directors a focused look at the
body of my work in Live Theatre and the talents and skills I bring to the Director's Chair. Over the years
I've worked in other media, so some information is provided on those aspects of my career as well. 
But in the main, this Site is dedicated to my work on the Stage.

There are two kinds of Theatre:
There's great Theatre and then there's everything else...

Multiple production stills from four productions of differing periods, staging approaches and styles.
Single gallery photos from a dozen additional productions.

A listing of my theatrical directing credits and each producing theatre.

How I approach and analyze a script, working with actors, collaboration with designers, technicians
& stage management, the theatre as a visual medium.

For three years and just for the fun of it, I co-wrote, produced and directed a radio comedy/music program which aired on the local NPR affiliate in Richmond, Virginia. I also spent five years producing
an in-house radio program for a Richmond-based Fortune 500 company.

12 years in Business Communications as writer, producer and director on over 100 films, videos, slide shows and multi-media productions for clients up and down the east coast.  A decade of work for
The Coca-Cola Company at their International Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.


REFERENCES and CONTACT are self-explanatory.

Tom Palmer

Post-graduate degree in Directing,
School of Theatre - Florida State University.

Manager of The Coca-Cola Company worldwide internal television network.

Twelve years as a director, writer and producer of video, film,
and multi-media for business, industry and government.

Thirty-five+ years directing in professional, academic,
community, industrial and radio theatre.

The Site is broken into a variety of topics related to my directing history
and is most easily navigated using the buttons to the left.

Tom Palmer